Tip #7/10 – screaming into – the new EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

That’s how I felt by the end of yesterday. A whole day of sitting with legal guys/girls, and whatever is in between, talking almost the whole day about ‘consent’ in the GDPR.

I am acting like a child, to be feeling like screaming, the sense of despair, lack of hope. Really what am I doing trying to change the world? It’s really quite hopeless! After all ‘consent’ is really a life-time’s problem without all the rest….

What is the answer…? Well, 42 of course 🙂

Grow up, I say to myself, I know what needs to be done, and others believe in what I stand for, in that the mission impossible is NOT impossible. Clearly if you drown in the complexity of ‘consent’ and one could spend some time discussing ‘what is lawful’ and ‘informed’, we could even open a bottle or 2, or more, of wine, or something stronger,  and evolve into a quite meaningful and deep discussion on, even life itself.

But we won’t go there.

Now let us get back to practicalities. Where do you start in your privacy program? Just start privacy ‘packaging’. Eat that elephant, a bit-at-a-time. Just start somewhere, and do something….do NOT do nothing!

It is doable, believe me, I know because, I am doing it!

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