Sweden’s hidden heros who welcome the Syrians to Swedish paradise!

It is rare that I post anything from my personal life in my blog, however this I have to share. During several weeks I’ve been thinking about the difference that a person very special in my life has made for the lives of a number of Syrians that have come to my new home land, Sweden to live.

Solbacka (Stjärnhov) is a conference facility that has laid empty without a purpose for around 3-4 years. My husband Leslie Öqvist, is one of the hidden heros behind the scenes that made it possible to enable Solback to become a temporary home for these brave individuals in the middle of Swedish paradise… until they can be found permanent homes.

He has worked for more than a year to make this possible before the Syrian crisis happened, to house refugees from other countries temporarily such as Afghanistan where he spent 7 years of his life working for the UN/FN in peace operations. It was quite opportune that there are people making this happen, Sweden’s unsung heros, and my husband is one…

See more here on the life of the refugees at Solbacka. It is heart-warming to see children on cycles and families so relieved to be safe.

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