NITS brain food

IMG_1824I was at a security social gathering on Thursday last week. They are happening now quarterly and organised by Copperberg. During a couple of hours I was thrown into deep discussions on network security at the hardware level seems a logical product in the cloud (check out SolarFlare), next was diodes in nuclear power plants, finally secure e-mail which is not quite as boring as it sounds. In fact quite the inverse!

SecureMailbox is able to create very simply a secure communication between you and another person, e.g. your doctor, and it’s made in Sweden. You don’t even need to create a special email address. Before I start sounding like some boring free marketing for this product check it out at the link above.

I got some energy from these 2 hours  and my brain received some food for thought. I am rather looking forward for next time…. hope to see you there too (FB link), if you are i Stockholm 😉

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