Angela pushing for protection of EU data

I really like this. It came out last week just when I was mentally preparing to travel up to Mora for Tjejvasan on Tuesday 😉

Angela wants to try and keep EU data in the EU boundaries, especially personal data.

Concerns voiced by experts talk about the amount of work involved to redo all the router configuration tables, after all networks are configured to get packets from A2B as quickly as possible, it may not always be the most direct route. For example when it is often faster to take the motorway bypass when driving your car, than it is to take the small roads. Packet routing is working exactly the same, depending on traffic congestion, fastest routes are calculated. A redo of router configuration tables would be like removing option to take a faster route if one route is congested.

Cryptography expert states that it would be much more effective to encrypt packets, that way it would not matter where they go, even over hostile territory. Some issues here are that: 1) Cryptography has some overhead cost, this is like adding additional packaging for post, it makes the package larger and heavier; 2) How does a non-technical person know when to encrypt? After all it doesn’t make sense to send everything encrypted? 3) I love the evolutions with quantum computing, as it can solves many problems simultaneously, although each quantum processor must be designed with a purpose in mine…e.g. for security it could be the decryption of a specific algorithm. It’s extremely expensive, but imagine when NSA or criminal networks that have this kind of money start using quantum computing for intelligence and data-mining purposes?

I believe that we have enough networks in EU to route packets within the EU before they are sent outside of the EU. This also prepares us for the future when it will be much easier to decrypt even the most secure algorithms used today. So yes, it requires some work, but just as we in the EU would like to keep our cloud services in the EU, so would we like to keep our personal information, encrypted or not!

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