The Rise Of The Ephemeralnet

I came across this really interesting article in TechCrunch, on the changing face of privacy when viewed from the digital natives generation. Those that have grown up with technologies, no “wow” factor.

I have always taken the stance that the digital natives will not care about personal privacy. The fact that they have grown up in a society where we share just about everything, despite the many concerns on surveillance, and sharing too much over social media such as Facebook. My opinion has been that they will feel that the concerns of our (digital immigrants) generation on personal privacy are obsolete, and in the present context, as they (digital natives) see it, irrelevant. However this article gives an approach that they will rebel. Parents who have shared the personal information, pictures.. whatever online without the consent of their children. The view is that the digital natives will move towards anonymity and being private again.

Now I am thinking about this stance… and I will think more 😉
btw “ephemeral” in this context is “temporariness”, “transitional” and this has been connected with ‘net’. The idea is that the web and all its information will take a form of temporariness, transitional.

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