Google’s ‘Policy Violation Checker’

OMG, I picked this article up on Janet Steinman’s feed in LinkedIn. So what Google are doing is patenting a technology that basically detects written policy violations, e.g. in email messages, even before it is completed. I am wondering it it could be likened to the Autocomplete function.

The article is stating that it will be like having a ‘big brother’ peeking over your shoulder when you write. But I am thinking that if it is similar to the ‘autocomplete’ or ‘spellcheck’ function, maybe it is just another useful function and maybe this article is making more of this than it really is?

However if an organisation was to implement this, and they controlled the ‘policy violation checker’ from a central place, would this mean they could see if a policy had been violated, could they control what employees write in the workplace context. Is this a bad thing? I’m still scratching my head over this one….

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