Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure

Although unconfirmed as of yet, there seems to be some evidence that cyber attacks to the critical infrastructure of the US has occurred. Some hackers, probably from Russia hacked into a water-plant and sabotaged the system. The water-plant was not sufficiently protected, and I would imagine didn’t see themselves as a potential target.

This is the first of many to come.

I am often thinking how we don’t appreciate how critical our work is. There are many of us that secure critical infrastructures although we don’t see that we save lives, as a doctor or nurse example can. I remember a conversation I had with a colleague around 5 years ago, he wanted to move into the fire-service, because there he could make a difference. However, we each one of us make a difference where we are today, building and securing critical services and infrastructures of our respective countries. We don’t see how many lives we save or how many peoples lives we make a difference to because of our work. However, we do save lives and we do make a difference!

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