Happy bunny finds iPhone

Well so here I am preaching on the dangers of location services, and I enabled this service eventually, just two weeks ago on my iPhone. Started to get quite convenient with the purchase of my personal Mac Airbook (11″) and then I synced everything into the iCloud. Furthermore, I often lose my mobile phones, you know I have two, one for work and other for personal use… just as I now have again my HP PC for my work and beloved Mac for my playtime.

Well today I used the service. I couldn’t find my iPhone. Really thought this time I’d blown it, lost it and it was lying somewhere lost. And I was hoping…. did I enable that service, or did I do as usual and decide not to? I had enabled the service, and I found my iPhone. So I’m a happy bunny today… although still torn by the dilemmas that personal privacy presents.. i.e. convenience and safety vs. personal privacy..

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