Your right to opt-out of Google’s Street View service

I love what is going on in Germany during a few months now, in that almost 250,000 Germans have told Google to blur pictures of their homes on the Street View service. Which is quite right. The EU directive on data privacy gives the data subject the right to consent to any personal information being stored. I wonder why it is only happening in Germany and not elsewhere in the EU, after all it is our right as data subjects.

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  1. I can only speculate that it is because media isn’t giving it much attention over here.

    Google are really agressively pursuing a very intrusive stance to gathering and storing presonal information.
    They give the possibility to opt out, but at the same time they are pushing a multitude of free services coupled with their “do good” statement. It is difficult for people to see the harm in letting Google keep all that personal data. They are the good guys after all…

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