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  1. I thought that it had something to do with the frontiersman/entreprenurial spirit that I imagine* the US was built upon. Complex and detailed laws usually hinders this, and maybe that could be an explanation as to why these are not developed in a more coherent fashion.

    *this image is based upon watching How The West Was Won and Star Trek as a kid

  2. It is more of a case that here in the EU we have one directive that provides a framework for all countries on which to enact legislation.

    The US approach is more likened to a patchwork quilt. They have privacy laws for health data, finance data, collection of children’s data, etc., that are quite individual. It is nothing as with the EU privacy directive which provides the framework for health data, finance data, everything in fact to do with the storing of personal data for EU subjects.

    As to why this is. I wonder that it is because they just didn’t get organised, i.e. lacking a coherent strategy from top-down. Who knows? Maybe our American visitors to virtual shadows can shed some light here?

  3. I have read this before, but it’s always an eyeopener for me how personal data is regarded in the US. I’m curious as to why this is so. Are stronger privacy laws not of public interest?

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