UK companies are using insurance instead of security to protect your personal data

This really is NOT cool. UK companies, instead of investing in taking the privacy of personal data seriously, i.e. by implementing controls that prevent unauthorized access, they are taking out insurance policies to protect themselves from the ensuing damages that could follow. According to Beer, of the UK companies that had insurance protecting against “theft or misuse of assets such as electronic data or customer records”, an enormous 83% had successfully made a claim on the policy, compared with only 13% globally. Read more: Companies turn to insurance as data-loss safety net at PC Pro

Who watches the watchmen?

So this news about an engineer at Google who allegedly got fired for using his high-level access to stalk teenagers…

It’s nothing new to point out the risks with all the massive data mining that Google and others do through their services. It has been done before. What surprises me is that there seems to be such small reactions to when this data is clearly abused. People usually responds to surveilance that they have nothing to hide. Only criminals have somethin to hide. But is this really true? What if someone right now had access to all the emails you ever read, or written, all web pages you have visited, all search queries you’ve ever done, chat trancripts etc.? I have nothing to hide does not equal that I want to show you everything. Google insist that it’s doing good. I would say that that is a necessary tag line for a company that collects all the personal data on everybody they can reach on the internet. The problem is that Google is a company, full of people who might have their own definition of “doing good”.

Twitter changes everything!

I’m a big fan of Twitter. When I first got introduced to it I was highly sceptical, but have since changed my oppinion. Although it sort of promotes the opposite of what I have posted before on blogging, I  really like what the the 140 char restriction brings to the communication.

On that note, I saw this comment on Kanye Wests stream of tweets two days ago. Perhaps not the most revolutional insight that twitter further evolves how people communicates, but still true enough to warrant a post.