An interesting demographic shift is happening

Yes.. about five years ago I moved to an island that has no bridge connection, so you have to take a boat to get there.. five years ago this was considered to be quite impractical, although I did not see it this way as I work remotely quite a lot, we have broadband on the island and also it is only an hour travel to get into the centre of the city.

Seems that the idea is catching on, just this year at least three of my work colleagues are moving from out of the city into the country, one is moving into the mountains and another 7-8 hours by car up north back to her roots. The question that has driven them is why live in the city when we can work wherever we like!

Broadband is changing the demographics, along with changing expectations on work/life quality. And imagine if the dispersed family unit were to start being closer, not just virtually, but physically too again? No need to move to the work, the work can work where you live.

The wonders of technology 🙂

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