…slow blogging…

Karens birthday post got me thinking a bit…

I sort of agree with what I was said on blogging about the mundane: it’s ok. And if you want others to know about your what sandwich you had today, why not?

But one should never forget that what you think and what you say needs not to be the same. Writing on a blog might get people to be more direct with their thoughts, but in this day where everything needs to be online as soon as it happens, people go off posting their imediate thoughts on everything. Facebook and Twitter, who encourages short comments (“What are you doing now?”, “What’s happening?”) are prime examples of this. We’ve had examples of politicians and celebrities ending up in the news because their quick, spontaneous postings have been i’ll formulated and interpreted in a bad way (perhaps the correct way, but probably with an unwanted effect). There is little risk in ending up ridiculed in the newspapers for the majority of bloggers, but the risk is still that you come of looking like an idiot or worse when you’re just posting your immediate thoughts on complex subjects.

I would hope that people in the near furture shows more restraint in posting on their blog, feed, logg, whatever. Actually, I would like a counter on the users Twitter, Facebook, WordPress page, alerting them whenever they get more then one entry per hour: “You are reaching a dangerously high posting frequency. Please re-read your current entry and evaluate if you REALLY want to share EVERY random thought with the WHOLE WORLD”.

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