Spontaneous travel

I felt inspired today as I drove north on the roads of Sweden following cancellation of my flight to the UK in Wednesday this week thanks to Iceland’s volcano.

So there was cancelled many activities: a speaking engagement at BCS Guildford, a visit to my family, a couple of days at Infosec, the list goes on.

So here I am instead staying at a hotel halfway to Funasdalen to visit my Swedish family. I normally just take the drive in a single day, but with a baby in the car and alone it made sense to make it more fun!

It was a spontaneous decision. My husband sent me the link of this hotel. Whilst sitting on the ferry to the mainland I copied it into my browser on my iPhone to get their home page. I copied their phone number into my phone and made the booking for a single night. Then I copied the address into my GPS which told me 3.5 hours to get there and which roads -as if I didn’t already know 😉 all in 7 minutes.

I love my iPhone! It really beats the days when I’d be leafing through my Michelin Guide and the paper road map, when I lived on the continent. I wonder if the Michelin Guide gone mobile yet? It doesn’t look like it on their site.

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