Don’t toot your horn!

Here I am sitting on the ferry. Travelling to and from my home is full with time to think and I like that.

Today one of the cars in the queue for the ferry stalled when trying to get up the ramp. So what you may think? Well some strong guys jumped out from several of the cars behind and pushed the car on. Anywhere else and they would be tooting their horns, but not here.

This is why we need social networking. The dispersed family unit, village community a remnant of the past. The feeling that we belong, the feeling that we are a part of something useful.
After all we all have this basic human desire to be liked. Whatever people say I believe that each one if us is fundamentally good and would in the same circumstances help that poor guy rather than toot their horn with impatience.

Like those guys helping the disfunctional car on the ferry. Whilst writing this post they’ve been gathered around working on a solution. One of them is on the phone calling for help. Now the ferry has arrived to the island and the combined force of muscles are pushing the car onto land where I guess it will be towed home
by another friendly island resident that received the phone call and has a towbar on their car.

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