Golden rules on SNS

…one more related to Karen’s article “Facebook ID theft” posted earlier this week…

SNS? I didn’t know there was an acronym for Social Networking Sites (SNSs). Somehow by being in this branch (IT) you tend to be fed with lots and lots of 3 letter combinations that depending on the context you are supposed to know what they mean, hmmm I’m sometimes -very often- overloaded but anyway that’s not the main reason for me to write here today.

The reason  is to give you all advice about a new set of rules that have been created to protect us!! when we (or those who do) access SNSs from our mobile devices.  The organisation behind this brilliant idea is  ENISA (again another set of letters -sorry!) what stands for European Network and Information Security Agency. An extract comes here:

“The paper also gives a comprehensive view of the SNS world under the lens of the European directive on data protection (Dir. 95/46/EC).The Executive Director of ENISA, Dr. Udo Helmbrecht, comments:

“This report provides practical, hands-on advice to the users of how to
more safely be online, anywhere and anytime, when enjoying mobile social networks.”

So this is in indeed gold for us users, worth to at least take a quick look at the full 49 pages report, specially if you are uch a user; here is the link

Here comes also the link to the whole article “Instantly online -17 golden rules for mobile social networks

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