U.S. House overwhelmingly passes cybersecurity research bill

The Cyber Security Research and Development Act of 2009, which passed by a vote of 422 to 5, authorizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop a cybersecurity education program that can help consumers, businesses, and government workers keep their computers secure.

“This bill will help improve the security of cyberspace by ensuring federal investments in cybersecurity are better focused, more effective, and that research into innovative, transformative security technologies is fully supported,” said Symantec CTO Mark Bregman. “HR 4061 represents a major step forward towards defining a clear research agenda that is necessary to stimulate investment in both the private and academic worlds, resulting in the creation of jobs in a badly understaffed industry.”

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Harnessing your social capital!

Interesting report on the potential use/implementation of social media in organisations today, along with some studies. It is not really positive about the success that organisations are having, although it is clear that this is the only way forward. This follows on nicely to a couple of reports I published in 2009 on harnessing the social capital of an organisation.

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