Stolen account information as a commodity

This came on the news this weekend:
Stolen account data from a bank in Switzerland are for sale for 2.5 million euros. German state says that it is considering a purchase, when calculating the opportunity to access 100 million in tax liabilities. Germany has previously made a similar deal with good profit back in 2008.

It all feels a little sad when it leads to the legitimizing this type of trade in personal data. Data that has been aquired through breaking the law (hacking).

Read all about it here

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  1. Posting from Facebook feed: Richard Lane says
    Think it’s likely this is the same hacker from HSBC that recently sold stolen data to the French govt. to help them locate tax cheaters with Swiss HSBC accounts. Frenchies have had to give back the originals, but have said that they will continue to use the data to prosecute even though the data was obtained illegally.

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