A new surveyed generation?

A portable GPS device that can be inserted into a backpack and used to monitor a child’s whereabouts is being tested in Canada, Wired reports. In being a new parent to a beautiful daughter myself in 2009, I understand why tracking your childrens’ movements is so compelling for parents.

However imagine how you felt the first time you went out by yourself as a child. The first time you were allowed to go to the local store and buy your favourite comic… imagine if you knew that your parents were always watching you. How would that have changed you as a person, the independence, the sense of adventure that you can only get when you do something yourself without thinking that you are always being watched. So the question is ‘what are you depriving your children of when you continuously monitor their movements’?

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  1. Hi Karen, I don’t know what it feels to be a parent yet but it’s funny, just this morning I was talking to Monica and Annika at work about how free they were during their childhood. Specially M. told us about being all over mountains, lakes and ponds with ice-skates and skiis and nobody check on them. I was (not on iceskates of course!) also left alone and pretty soon I was off to go up the castle in the mountains behind my village. I had a great time and was happy. Unfortunately this is something that society has changed and will never come back (I’d belive) for the pleasure of our kids. I’m sure you’ve heard about the concept of and book about curlingföräldrar??

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