Google briefs Clinton on Chinese cyber attack

Things are getting interesting following Google’s statement to stop censorship on Google search results in China ….

Clinton has made a brief statement “We have been briefed by Google on these allegations, which raise very serious concerns and questions. We look to the Chinese government for an explanation. The ability to operate with confidence in cyberspace is critical in a modern society and economy. I will be giving an address next week on the centrality of Internet freedom in the 21st century, and we will have further comment on this matter as the facts become clear.”

Google Enterprise president Dave Girouard stresses that the attack was “not an assault on cloud computing” and “we believe our customer cloud-based data remains secure.” It is unusual for corporations to disclose such attackzs precisely because of the uncertainty they might fuel among customers, but Google says it is opening up “because we are committed to transparency, accountability, and maintaining your trust.”

Read more at ars technica.

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