Protecting your reputation

In my book Virtual Shadows I’ve talked about protecting your reputation, previously in October 2007 I made a short post pointing you to a company that offers these services “Reputation Defender“. Well I visited them again today after hearing on the Swedish radio that there are more companies now out there offering this service. Something that I predicted was going to happen in my first paper published “Identity Linkage and Privacy” in 2007. I’ve taken a quote below…..

“We can only speculate on how today’s younger generation will deal with this challenge in the future, when they realize that something that they may have published, shared or done online in the past may impact their professional or personal prospects in the physical world today and tomorrow. Yes, there are laws protecting, to a degree, privacy. However, they are inadequate given the social evolution that we have seen happening over the last few years. What we can expect is a rapid growth in those businesses specialized in hunting down and eradicating digitally stored information residue that could be linked to us – as people” (ISSA Journal April 2007)

On the radio they mentioned another company in the UK that is offering these services, something like “Hinton & Clarcy”, but I can’t find them. So if you are reading this post and know who they are, a pointer would be appreciated.

Become a savvy citizen!

The BCS is running a campaign called Savvy Citizens. ‘Savvy Citizens’ helps people become savvier in how they access, understand and manipulate information in today’s information society. You may find it worth checking out, you will find some useful information and tips there. Especially if you are one of the many in UK who are trying to work out what this information society hype is all about and keen to learn!

My mum and dad are among the curious and keen, and have both purchased laptops and are attending evening classes to become PC/Internet savvy… which is pretty cool. So check out this url mum and dad, a special link for you: my tip to savvy citizens that I contributed on protecting children online using technology 🙂