In memory of my HP colleague and friend Kjell Östman

I am saddened to hear that my colleague and friend Kjell died on Monday, 2nd February, this week at the age of 46. Cause of death unknown as of yet, but we can guess that it was natural. It was sudden, on Friday my colleagues tell me that he left work early feeling unwell, and on Monday he was no longer with us 🙁candles_25

He was with HP 22 years having originally been with Digital. Kjell was loyal and hardworking, solid and calm and kind. He had a sense of humour that I will miss, we will all miss him! He was not making alot of noise around him, and sometimes surprisingly spontaneous in his communications. I will miss his smile when I came into the office, almost mischievous, as he liked to have a joke with me.

Kjell was a regular visitor to my blog and often sent me tidbits that I could share. He also contributed a paragraph to my book “Virtual Shadows” that I will share with you now 🙂

(preceding para) “…….you can build an online reputation that can be negative (as is mainly publicised by the popular media) or positive.”


In the last e-communication I had with Kjell, I shared with him the index to the book before the hard copy was available because I wanted him to see his name there. He thought it was pretty cool and replied with the following

“well this is the first time I’ve seen my name in the index of a book, and it will probably be the only time”..

how true 🙁

It is a pity that he never got to see the hard copy of the book, the copy I promised arrives on Friday this week, a thank you for his valuable contribution. I am now thinking that maybe a close member of his family would like Kjell’s copy. It is a nice published souvenir of something that Kjell once said, I think he would have liked that 🙂

We will miss you Kjell!

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