David Lacey likes my book!

The book launch that happened yesterday went very well. It was a great pleasure to find David Lacey there who has made a very nice posting on his blog concerning my book in ComputerWeekly.com.

David has also just published a book (Managing the Human Factor in Information Security)that is extremely relevant in a changed society that we live in today. Information security but from the ‘human perspective’. His thinking is a ‘bottom-up’ approach in the organisation, as the traditional top-down approach is just not working. I have only just started reading the book on my journey home from the U.K., just finished the chapter “Power to the People” 😉 very cool!

On my way home I also got distracted by my new gadget, my Sony digital reader that I purchased at the airport. Well if David has one, I want one too 🙂

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