Privvy Awards 2007 – The Bug

This is actually old news from 2007. It’s about ‘The Bug, why didn’t I post on this before? I know when I was on a train on my way out of London in 2008 I was sat next to a guy that told me about these cameras that could talk to you, e.g. if you happen to be a drunk and knock over a rubbish bin, the camera will ask you to place it back…..

The Bug is a cluster of eight cameras that can scan in any direction. The cameras are “smart,” meaning they employ software for advanced functionality. In this case, the software uses algorithms to look for suspicious behavior—sudden running or wild flailing, for example. The Bug can identify 50 suspicious traits. It can then automatically lock on to a subject and follow that person or object. The Bug also has speakers, so someone monitoring can issue instructions or warnings.

Why it has popped up now is that I was just browsing through some links to when I came across ‘Privacy: The Worst Quotes’, i.e. privacy lowlights albeit for 2007 and one is dedicated to this almost Orwellian style surveillance technology….

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