Good health and happiness for 2009

December has been a quiet month for my blog. Not that there is nothing happening right now out there on the privacy landscape, quite the opposite. However I’ve been pretty busy, and the blog had the short straw unfortunately.

The book has been in print. I still don’t have the real tangible evidence in my hands, but early in 2009 I will… and so will those of you that have been interested enough to order a copy already. I know I have some visitors that have been disappointed that it never made it out before Christmas, and I’m sorry about this. Publishing a book always seems to take longer than expected. The book will arrive soon!

As mentioned in a previous post the book launch is on 26th January, and it would be great to see some of you there!

Here in Sweden the lake on our island has frozen over I saw people ice-skating on there today when I was out for my walk, as there is no snow it is perfect for ice-skating. This will be how I start the 1st January on ice-skates… that is of course after this evening’s festivities which start for me in just 50 minutes. Time to get ready 🙂

Thanks for hanging out with me during 2008. This blog has been great for me too, a good way to store all that cool stuff that I can use for my next book! I wish you all good health and happiness in 2009.
btw. The picture above was when I met Santa in the North of Sweden on Christmas Eve, was pretty cool to meet him in person finally 🙂

Privvy Awards 2007 – The Bug

This is actually old news from 2007. It’s about ‘The Bug, why didn’t I post on this before? I know when I was on a train on my way out of London in 2008 I was sat next to a guy that told me about these cameras that could talk to you, e.g. if you happen to be a drunk and knock over a rubbish bin, the camera will ask you to place it back…..

The Bug is a cluster of eight cameras that can scan in any direction. The cameras are “smart,” meaning they employ software for advanced functionality. In this case, the software uses algorithms to look for suspicious behavior—sudden running or wild flailing, for example. The Bug can identify 50 suspicious traits. It can then automatically lock on to a subject and follow that person or object. The Bug also has speakers, so someone monitoring can issue instructions or warnings.

Why it has popped up now is that I was just browsing through some links to when I came across ‘Privacy: The Worst Quotes’, i.e. privacy lowlights albeit for 2007 and one is dedicated to this almost Orwellian style surveillance technology….

IP v6 is annoying!

I know we need it, but still I can’t work out how to troubleshoot my PC when my connections just don’t work. With IPv4 it was so easy, but this long ip alpha numeric ip address, and how the hell does this fit into the gateway address and the subnet mask. It’s beyond me. I suspect that my PC tries with my router in v6 first and when it doesn’t work reverts to v4…. although to be honest I have no idea…is this a sign that I’m getting old… you know the old generation of techies…?

I guess I should read that book that’s been sitting on my shelf for the last 5 years…. you know the book that has IP v6 on the title 😉

Changing parameters of communicatoin in business

You know that I’ve been studying an MBA? It has got me thinking on a whole load of stuff, things I sort of knew because I’ve been around, lived and worked in quite a few countries. It is good to see that what I have been thinking about, i.e. the dynamics of how businesses work based on the old scientific theories just don’t work anymore. It ties in well to what I have been researching, globalisation of communication. In my book I have written mainly about the social networking space and how to take control of your identity, and of course a whole load of other stuff too. However I have not linked this into the business context….