Snow and no water!

Well Winter is going to be fun! You know how it feels that everything that can go wrong does…. well first it was the electric when my husband was away, and now he is away again and it’s the water!

I went for a walk, as usual, today. It’s been snowing an awful lot, so is very beautiful, however it is getting very windy, they are promising 20km metre tonight, so I cut my walk short. It was -3 degrees and with the wind I needed to get home to ensure that the boat was securely anchored, and the chopped wood was in a dry place. Then I took the snow spade. You know there are snow spades? I didn’t. First time I shovelled snow from our balcony I used a normal spade that scratched the balcony, umm my man wasn’t so pleased with my efforts when he got home 😉 That was my first winter on the island often alone as he was in Thailand helping Swedish victims’ families following the Tsunami disaster.

So let’s get back to the water again. After all this effort I jumped into the sauna, beautiful! Took a shower, washed my hair, well I almost succeeded when the water stopped. Just like that, me in the shower naked, hair and face covered in shampoo bubbles and no water!

First I tried to understand the cause of the problem, and I failed. It can’t be frozen, it’s only -3 degrees outside, and the pipewarmer is on anyhow, must be the pump, now I’m clueless. So I rinsed my hair as much as I could in the fluffy powder snow outside. Tried to ring my husband….busy… ummm ok so there’s loads of snow and the good thing is that the electric is working so I can cook snow so I have water, at least until my dear husband is home again tomorrow afternoon. For now I just open up a bottle of cold white wine with my dinner whilst I study (you know that MBA I started in September?). Nice wine….

We have business guests for dinner tomorrow night, not sure how we manage that, maybe a restaurant will have to do this time 😉

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  1. you are right Hannah, the wine was good!….and the Crypton Factor was on the tv.. you know all that cryptography stuff, just perfect..

    actually i knocked on my neighbours door for water… .. electric man turned up this morning at 10am, amazed that I hadn’t yet shovelled the snow from the balcony, you know like a good Swedish woman… well guess what I was doing at lunch time… snow up to my thighs and shovelling, great training, amazing.. Leslie was very proud of me.. and now I’ve learnt to fix the electric myself!

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