Obama’s victory

You know I am not much into politics, I have such a problem remembering names…..but couldn’t help but feeling hope and a touch of a high when I heard the news this morning that the U.S. has a new president, the first black president ever! Difficult to write more that does justice to this very interesting development, the press are doing this good enough.

Still no heating

Yes it’s true, almost British nostalgia, you know that feeling that maybe the inside of the house is not much warmer than the outside. Worked from home today and kept the wood fire burning the whole day, and can you believe it after a record low of 16 degrees this morning the house is now 19 degrees! wow!

Took a long walk today after 2 long days working on the mainland and late evenings, is getting dark and cold here at 5pm, but today I did it getting home at 5pm, and it was beautiful. Took my new iPAQ with me, took calls, emails and responded to appointment requests whilst walking. I guess this means that I’ve finally joined the ranks of the “always on”, pretty sad I guess but on the other hand very effective. Did lots of good thinking, also afterwards in the sauna. Yes it’s true as with any typical swede we have a sauna at home, and it is very warm in there 🙂