Publishing a book is hard work

I am on the last legs of getting this book out, and I thought that writing a book was a challenge, I must add that just getting through the publishing part with copy-editing and more is painful 🙁

Here am I expecting to have this book finished this by end of September when I could focus on my MBA, and instead I am still working on the final edits on the book -every weekend, the whole weekend, and studying for my MBA inbetween. I have prioritised the book, and just trying to get the minimum effort possible with this part of the MBA, I can throw myself more into this later for excellence.

Good news is that we are on time to get the book out beginning of December. Bad news is that I just don’t have a life right now, although I guess many who know me could argue that I never have 😉

Now enough griping, back to the book!

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