The perfect boss?

Have you ever wondered what equates to the perfect boss? There are loads of theories flying around but well I think I found it. You know it is not often that I discuss my work on my blog, but this is worth a mention. I’m driving a project which includes consultants from a partner of HP. The consultants come from Italy, U.S. and Holland, and their boss is Italian. Now this point is very important.

Their Italian boss is so considerate for their well-being that he has shipped over a new team member to their HP office in Sweden, and its an Italian coffee machine with Italian coffee! Hence they will be sure to always have good coffee whilst they are with us.

Well it is not that we have really bad coffee in Sweden, but having lived close to the Italian border for quite some years myself, I must admit that nothing compares with the real thing!

So we return to my question again, how many of you have a boss that would do this for you?

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