June wonderings

You know May has been a tough month. So busy that I didn’t have anytime for myself, or my blog. I travelled an awful alot. On Saturday 7th June I will be 45 years old and I will have a birthday party. First one I’ve had since I was a child. I feel that I have something to celebrate, although this week has not been fun, too much fire-fighting. My party should be fun though!

My book has gone to the publishers, I’ll post more on this later. However with a bit of luck it will come out during Autumn.

Weather is quite amazing, I should take time out and just absorb the beautiful Swedish summer that has come early….

3 Replies to “June wonderings”

  1. Thanks Jacob Peter and LN!
    LN are you the LN in India?

    I will toast you both a virtual glass of champagne later today 🙂

  2. Have a wonderful day !!! Didn’t want to disturb by telephoning you on Saturday..Hence the advance wishes..

  3. I know Im 2 days early, but due to a funeral on saturday I may forget.
    I wish you a nice anniversary and hope you have a real nice day.
    Im taking it 2 weeks later for my 45th.Hehe.When you are celebrating Midnightsummer, Im celebrating my birthday.

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