My visit to Cairo

This week I have been in Cairo 2 days working and what a cultural education it was. It was so cool to be working in a land that has such diversity. My experience of Egyptians is that they are considerate, professional and open. OK it is only 2 days, and in a sheltered environment, but still what a lovely picture I was presented with.

I even saw the pryamids there -sound and light show. My first visit, and one of my Egyptian colleagues refused to let me leave Egypt without seeing this wonder. He had already seen it loads of times himself in several different languages, but never seems to tire of what a beautiful heritage that he has, and the pleasure it gives to those that visit his country. I don’t think I had time to sleep when I was there, slept on the flight coming home -very unusual for me. My visit gave me some beautiful memories and am looking forward to returning there to work again soon.

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