Twilight running and deer

Spring is wonderful. Had a couple of tough days this week, seems that everything just takes too long, my patience is low and I just want everything done now, or at least in the foreseeable future. You know after all life is just too damn short to hang around doing nothing for too long.

Basically this week feels unproductive, so much NOT happening. So I went for a run last night. I got home at 1930hrs and it was still light with the daylight savings! It was so beautiful, the sounds of the evening and the calm of the Baltic sea as I ran along the shores of my island. On the way back I was surprised by a couple of deer that run directly across my path. They were very beautiful. Even in the evening twilight it was easy to see them as they ran into the distance as they have pure white marked behinds, their signature to what they are 🙂

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