March 2008 already!

Well here we are March, and here I am feeling pretty disgusted about my lack of blog activity during February. Time flies when you’re having fun. Work is flying, me too, I get to be home sometimes! The book is ready (almost) for the editor, except that the 2 days vacation I was going to take this week to finish it, has been sort of canceled 😉

Does that ever happen to you? Well if I can just get this book out the way…the editor is waiting… then I can have a life outside of my work… do you know what I mean? Do you have a life? You know normal people have this.. a life. I heard that this is what normal people have… I am still trying to work out what this is….

2 Replies to “March 2008 already!”

  1. Hi Ola!
    Yes of course, when it’s out. The publisher say that it will take 3-4 months after I’ve finished, and I will be finished next week.

    btw. nice to see you here Ola!

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