Where is Raed?

You know I am writing a book, at least trying to get to the end of it, and each day I write I find new information, that inspires and is so cool. Today I was just looking for famous bloggers, because I think it’s fun! One such blogger is Salam Pax. Salam Pax (aka Salam al-Janabi, Arabic: سلام الجنابي) is a pseudonymous blogger from Iraq, whose site “Where is Raed?” received notable media attention during (and after) the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The pseudonym consists of the word “peace” in Arabic (Salām) and Latin (Pāx).In his blog, Salam discusses the war, his friends, disappearances of people under the government of Saddam Hussein, and his work as a translator for journalist Peter Maass. Pax’s site is titled after Pax’s friend Raed Jarrar, who was working on his master’s degree in: he didn’t respond promptly to email, and so Pax set up the weblog for him to read. In May 2003, The Guardian newspaper tracked the man down and printed a story indicating that he did indeed live in , with the given name Salam, and was a 29-year-old architect. Salam is an excellent writer; amusing, honest and enjoyable reading in on a subject that is extremely sensitive.

In fact I came across him some time ago, but today I found a great article that he wrote on his first visit to the US that I want to share with you.

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