ID cards for foreign nationals within a year, says UK

Are you a foreign national resident in the UK. Well looks like you’ll have no choice but to be issued with a biometric ID card within the next year. The biometric data is your fingerprint. You know it seems that the UK government have biometric fingerprints already on over 1 million people.

I think it’s interesting this approach the government is taking. The huge resistance against having a national ID card (incl. biometric data) seems to have been sized down to include only immigrants. (Please comment if you know any better) Now, who in England is going to resist that. Particularly as I hear the grumbles about the number of immigrants being allowed to reside in the UK, and how they are taking all the council housing, jobs, etc. Of course the immigrants are not in a position to resist a biometric ID card. Having been an immigrant myself in 3 other countries (including where I live now) I think it’s a pity that the British complain so much about immigrants, instead of embracing the cultural diversity it brings into our lives. Incidentally I am British myself.

Of course the compulsory issue of biometric ID for immigrants is just the start. As they start to become a part of society and its values, it’s a natural progression that a national ID programme will follow will minimal resistance.

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