American spam-fighter fined $60,000

Oh boy this is sad. I don’t condone hacking but what about the spammers, shouldn’t they be fined?

David Ritz, the veteran American spam-fighter, has been hit by $60,000 in fines plus lawyers fees after losing a civil suit that accused him of illegal hacking. The case has sparked concern and support from the anti-spam community. “He [Ritz] got prosecuted for using the same Unix tools that the rest of us use all the time to troubleshoot problems, admin our systems, and track spammers,” notes Reg reader Mark. Read more….

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  1. OK, I got some more information here from Matt Palmer.

    “It’s not the specific tools he used, it’s how he used them and what he did with the results. OK – they hadn’t secured their servers well enough – but absence of protection is not evidence of authorisation. He also lied to the judge, violated previous injunctions, admitted hacking other computers, etc.”

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