Profiling vs. intent-based models

I came across this interesting article today that investigates the effectiveness of behavioural marketing and possible alternatives…..

Behavioral targeting has been around since the first dot-com days, but it got really hot again in late 2007, thanks to a few big promoters like Facebook Latest News about Facebook. So, What exactly is it, and does it really work the way it sounds?

A woman shopping for baby clothes, a tie for her husband, and a gift for her sister may appear schizophrenic because she is acting in three different roles — mother, wife and sister. What do you show her next? Tossing strollers ads at her isn’t going to be effective now that she’s shopping for a new cocktail dress for herself.

An alternative that solves the issues with both privacy and effectiveness is one centered on understanding the users’ intentions, instead of their clickpaths or profiles, and pairing that knowledge with specific content, product and advertising E-Mail Marketing Software – Free Trial. Click Here. recommendations. This approach relies exclusively on the collective wisdom of like-minded peers who have demonstrated interests or engagement with similar content and contexts.

The concept of profiles is completely removed in this case. Instead, through understanding expressed or implied intent, content appropriate to the user’s current mindset can be delivered.

This is the next evolution in user targeting that gets beyond clicks and analytics, and instead rests on a proven foundation of modern social science theory. The approach is conceptually simple and mimics how we learn and act in everyday life — making choices based on what others who are in the same current mindset as us have done.

Since humans change roles rapidly, intent-based models allow content recommendations, ads and even search results to change instantly as users act in new or different roles. Further, because historical actions and profiles are not needed, 100 percent of the new visitors coming to a Web site can be targeted with precise content before the first click. Read more here….

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