What happens to our DNA?

You know I’ve been doing an awful lot of reading lately about DNA and our privacy. I was absolutely amazed / horrified to find out what has been going on. Of course I watch CSI like most people, but only now I am starting to question the justification of providing DNA -that gets put in their database- to prove you are innocent. I reject the idea of taking the DNA of newly borns and their parents -which is what they did in a pilot study in Bristol, 2007 I think, 25,000 people. Then they are taking the DNA of newly borns and their mothers in New Zealand I think (or it could be Australia). The implications are profound. Do you know that countries are sharing DNA databases? Well not actually sharing, but permitting searches for DNA matches, and then the country can request the name of the matching DNA. The sharing of DNA, biometrics, etc., has all been agreed under the Prum Agreement. There are some big question marks concerning the security on these databases. If you want to read some more about this check out my previous posting and the linked report by Privacy International.

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