PRIME and Karlstad university

I have a speaking engagement at Karlstad university tomorrow. Should be interesting especially as it is linked to the PRIME EU funded project. PRIME is about building a privacy infrastructure that enables us to have some level of anonymity in our transactions. Well it is much more than this. Anyhow it is about giving you and me the choice and power to keep our personal information private, it is about having the choice to track whoever is collecting our information with and without our knowledge, and pulling this information back if we like. It is about having control over our own identities. It covers all the stuff that I’ve been writing and speaking about!

btw I will have part 2 of the paper Identity Linkage and Privacy -that was originally published by ISSA in April and then reprinted by IAPP in July this year- published in ISSA December issue. This is what I will be talking about tomorrow.

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