Those were the days…

I am thinking of designing a mental process state that one must travel before one has the courage and patience to ring the help-desk. You know the help-desk that got outsourced to India?

I plan my assignments and my meetings and prepare myself mentally for these appointments. Now I find myself booking a whole day for when I ring the help-desk, so I can plan for a day on the phone, and I can prepare myself mentally. I must feel in a good mood, positive -after all it’s not their fault that they can’t fix the problem and have to send you somewhere else where you sit in a queue…. yet again… only to speak to someone else that can’t fix your problem and must pass you on… then of course there’s the language….only to find at the end of the day that the only thing achieved is that you have made a conscious effort to fix a technical problem..that has not been resolved but well you tried….and tomorrow is another day 😉

I remember the days when you were friends with the guy that fixed your technical problems and he had the whole picture… and of course there were the days when that person was you or me!

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