A magic phone……

Today, there are 1.5 billion television sets in use around the world. 1 billion people are on the Internet. But nearly 3 billion people have a mobile phone, making it one of the world’s most successful consumer products. Building a better mobile phone would enrich the lives of countless people across the globe. The Open Handset Alliance™ is a group of mobile and technology leaders who share this vision for changing the mobile experience for consumers. And the kids want phones to do just about everything, just take a look at this video, if I had a magic phone 🙂


That’s what friends are for ;-)

WASHINGTON – American travelers’ personal data would for the first time be exported to all European Union states by airline carriers flying to Europe under a proposal to be announced this week………Under the proposal, no personal data that could reveal race, ethnicity, political opinions, religion, trade union membership or health or sex-life information could be transmitted. Any such data that was shared would have to be deleted immediately by the data-analyzing units, the proposal says……. yeah sure says me 😉
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What about a synthetic identity for a change?

What about something new? Synthetic identity theft, although I would call it just an evolution on the original ‘identity theft’ scam. I still can’t convince myself that it should be called ‘identity theft’ at all. After all to steal something is never to give it back (at least in British legislation), with identity theft your identity is just borrowed, isn’t it? Identity fraud as coined by Jim Harper (i think ;-)) is much more accurate.