3rd Life?

I had a tough day yesterday, so was delighted when I found on returning home that Matrix was on the TV…. cool….I don’t watch much TV, so a vegetable evening sounded good… although there was not much of that going on.. the film is quite thought provoking -even second time round, I saw the Matrix once before when it first came out.

Then I was thinking that if the Matrix is our 1st Life, and what we feel is our real life is really our 2nd Life, then this means that SL is really our 3rd Life …..lol 🙂

Privacy and law: 10 ways to win public trust in a surveillance society

This is a clear article on the conflict between the DPA and surveillance that is prevalent. The fact is that the Data Protection Act is not strong enough to protect privacy in today’s surveillance society. In this article Dr Chris Pounder proposes 10 universal standards to buttress the Act and create balance whenever there is interference in private and family life.