Controlling digitally stored information residue on YOU!

You know I’m always thinking, talking and writing about digitally stored information residue (I know I’m a bit sad) that is located somewhere by someone or something; that we don’t want to be found… however what about pulling together that information that we want found?

Hence if someone Googles you, the right information is returned in the search. Very useful if you are changing jobs. I found 2 companies that offer this service: ZoomInfo and Spoke. I haven’t looked much at Spoke, but Zoominfo even pulls newspaper articles with your name in, not the whole article just the part that refers to you. You are then able to ‘claim’ this to your identity. They use your credit card to verify your identity. Which is fine if nobody is posing as you and has your card details……

If you are lucky and have the misfortune to have some ‘not so complimentary’ digital information residue stored somewhere out there, maybe whoever Googled you will not bother to look any further 😉

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