UK’s approach to child safety

This report from March 2006 gives an interesting insight to UK’s approach to child safety. What is evident is that the collection of personal and often sensitive information on children is widespread, and all done in the name of ‘child safety/well-being’. This information is being collected and linked into one master children’s database.

You need to read this report (Children’s Databases – safety and privacy) and take a visit to the website Action Rights for Children (ARCH) in order to fully appreciate what this means. You then need to link this up with the surge on the use of surveillance and tracking technologies in the UK to start becoming just a little bit concerned…… or at least i would be if I lived there!

Economics of information security – Bruce Schneier talks…

The information security guru Bruce Schneier gave a joint BCS and London School of Economics public lecture as part of this year’s 50th anniversary celebrations. I attended the lecture at the LSE, however not the one held the day after at the BCS. Here is the recording where he outlined ten trends that were changing the landscape of information security, and how viewing these trends in economic terms could help unravel some of the paradoxes of practical information security.