250,000 customer names of Astroglide go public!

Opps, I hope you are not one of the unlucky 250,000 who bought a popular sexual lubricant between 2003-7 called Astroglide? Seems that a Californian company exposed these names and addresses and Google ‘in good form’ indexed them all!

Results are that a search on an individual’s name now reveals that person’s home address and the product they requested or ordered….. nice 😉

There is much more information on this ‘slip’ on privacy on the Wired Blog Network!

The Nigerian Spammer turned Butterfly Guy!

Take a look at this for some fun reading. Seems there’s a community that actually responds to those funny emails we receive asking for a business venture in transferring money from Nigeria or somewhere else. When the recipient of the spam responded, seems that she took these spammers for a ride too 🙂

Seems a bit far-fetched that a spammer is actually so stupid as to fall for this scam as a result of his scam, but according to this epilogue, seems that several have!