Privacy Seals ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’

A privacy seal is an image that you display on your Web site that is granted by a privacy seal provider. It provides easily verifiable assurance to your customers that you care about their private information.

Take a look at this report from Forrester that does a comparison of different type of privacy seals available. Date of report is September 2006. It also includes privacy seals available concerning the use of children’s information.

Evolution – men pushing small children in pushchairs

There are many beautiful things about Stockholm, but one of the most beautiful apart from the 1000s of islands and Stockholm architecture, is the sight of fathers pushing babies and small children in pushchairs! In Stockholm you are just as, if not, more likely, to find men pushing pushchairs than women!

Some of this is because they have in Stockholm acted on the concept of ‘paternity leave’ which means that men have equality as a parent thus the choice to be equally involved in the upbringing of their children as the mothers, and many take ‘paternity leave’ from work. Many guys I know who have recently had children -there are many right now, seems to be some sort of ‘baby boom’ going on- are when on paternity leave meeting other fathers for coffee, and doing the things that mothers were traditionally doing. They even know which clothes their children are wearing that day and take them to nursery school when they return back to work again. I notice that mothers are more relaxed, having children is not a ‘life choice’, it is a normal, necessary and beautiful part of life.

So all you career women out there that have no time to have children due to the fact that you are living in an undeveloped society where people are still talking about the choice between career OR children, maybe you should move to Stockholm. Whatever has happened here seems to work!